How Do PodPlays Work?

How do PodPlays work?

1. Go to the Neworld website and subscribe to one of our podplays packages below.
The Celebration Edition is for those who attended PodPlays at PuSh and only want to purchase the five new podplays. The Retro Bundle features the four plays from PuSh and one from the Powell Street Festival. The 125 Bundle has all 10 plays – plus one bonus track! Clicking SUBSCRIBE NOW will navigate you away from the Neworld website to our Nanacast site. Payment is accepted via PayPal.

2. Choose your podcast player.
Most folks choose iTunes, but you can use others. Just copy and paste the Nanacast link into your player. (The link will look something like this:

3. Start downloading!
Launch iTunes on your computer. You will find your subscription under “podcasts”. Click “Get All” to download every podplay released between July 8 and today. You will have to repeat this step once a week to download the newest podplay, that’s one per week week until September 19th. The podplays are online until September 30th. That means if you sign up on September 29th you won’t miss any podplays, instead you receive all the podplays at the same time.

4. Go for a walk.
You are in charge. You can walk any of the podplays, any day, any time of day. It’s up to you. Once you have downloaded a play, it’s yours to keep and listen to over and over.

5. Got questions?
Contact us at or 604-602-0007 (M-F, 10-5), we’re happy to help.


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