Reviews of Blue Box at the Uno Festival

Carmen Aguirre’s Blue Box received positive reviews from it’s showing at the Uno festival in Victoria this last weekend. Click on the link to the blog to see the review.

Melanie Tromp Hoover from the Monday Magazine Blog said, “Blue Box is an unapologetic story of and told with power.  Its narrative bathes in it, bemoans the loss of it, fights it and fears it—all in one captivating solo show.”

Chelsea Rowley from West is West said “Drawn from real life events “Blue Box” spins together different times, places and people from Aguirre’s life to creates a vivid tapestry of love, loss and desperation. At times that love is manifested in the form of a handsome “Vision” while at others it is the unwavering devotion to a revolutionary cause much bigger than herself.”

Amy Smart from the Times Colonist said, “She describes her heart as a hummingbird beating its wings, her tongue as a dead fish. Her writing is definitely her strength and…she knows the power of a sustained silence.”

See Blue Box at the Magnetic North Festival in Calgary, June 14th-17th

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